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CCDB Date 2700+PGN 2500+PGN

2019 - 2023 MEGAbase

2022 CCDB MEGAbase

2021 CCDB MEGAbase

2020 CCDB MEGAbase

2019 CCDB MEGAbase

2019 - 2023





2023 Databases

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Jan 2023 CCDB

Feb 2023 CCDB

Mar 2023 CCDB

Apr 2023 CCDB

May 2023 CCDB

June 2023 CCDB

July 2023 CCDB

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Sep 2023 CCDB

Oct - Dec 2023 CCDB

2024 Databases

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Jan 2024 CCDB

Feb 2024 CCDB